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About “Dr Lokesh (Dr.) Nehete”

Dr. Lokesh Nehete is a consultant neurosurgeon at All Is Well Multispecialty Hospital, Burhanpur.
Over seven years as a neurosurgeon, he had the opportunity to operate on over 1500 cases of brain and spine pathologies.

He started his professional career as an Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery at NIMHANS, Bengaluru in March 2017.

In Sept 2017, he joined as an assistant professor of Neurosurgery at AIIMS Raipur. He also served as an Assistant professor of General Surgery at BJ Medical College Pune.

During his surgical work, he has performed more than 1500 complex cranial and spine surgeries. His surgical expertise includes but not restricted to: Brain and spinal tumors, skull base lesions, pituitary tumors, endoscopic surgeries, complex spine, and craniovertebral junction anomalies, vascular surgeries, pediatric surgeries, head, and spinal trauma.

Offered Services

Spine surgeon


  • Senior Resident ( 2016 - 2017 ) NIMHANS Bangalore
  • Assistant professor ( 2010 - 2017 ) NIMHANS, Bangalore
  • Assistant Professor ( 2017 - 2021 ) AIIMS Raipur
  • Consultant neurosurgeon ( 2020 - Present ) ALL IS WELL MULTISPECILAITY HOSPITAL, Burhanpur


  • MCh Neurosurgery ( 2013 - 2016 ) NIMHANS, Bangalore



  • Neurology Society of India


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