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Menstrual (Catamenial) Migraine

Approximately 50 percent of females suffering from migraines note that their attacks occur around menses. These patients may also have episodes of migraine headache in between menstrual period. But around 10 percent of women have migraines exclusively associated with the me...


Basilar migraine is an uncommon type of migraine It is associated with mainly brainstem-related symptoms. It is seen in young women or kids with a family history of migraines. It affects both males or women almost equally....


Migraine is a highly prevalent and largely familial disorder. It is characterized by periodic, commonly unilateral, often pulsatile, or throbbing headaches that begin in childhood, adolescence, or early adult life. It recurs with diminishing frequency during advancing years...

Does the location of the headache is important?

Location helps clinicians in making a provisional diagnosis. History taking is one of the most important things for neurological disorders. Data regarding the location of a headache are very more informative. Let's see how we can come to a provisional diagnosis based on location. ...

Am I am suffering from a Migraine?

Migraine is a very common type of headache affecting at least 1 adult in every 7 in the world. Women are commonly affected, almost up to 3 times more than men, the possible cause may be hormonal.Migraine commonly affects the middle-aged (between 35 and 45 years) but can also occur in younger one including children....