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What is CuroMe?


We at CuroMe make a custom treatment just for you. A registered Brain and spine specialist evaluates your medical history, does a thorough neurological evaluation, and prescribes scientifically proven advice and therapy. So whether you’re up against headache, back pain, giddiness, seizure, etc —you get one best for you.



What makes us different?


We treat you personally — and honestly.

After you sign up with detailed history and/or reports, you’re paired with the nearest specialist who evaluates you in detail and determines which treatment is best suited for you.


Our uniqueness is our offering of knowledge-enhancing resources to patients and relatives to help them entrust decision-making abilities in difficult-to-treat brain and spine disorders. So that you enjoy peace of mind in a difficult time.


When you should consult a headache specialist?


1) Anyone who takes over-the-counter medicine to alleviate headaches five or more days out of the month should go see a doctor. It is very important to diagnose the specific types of headaches and give specific medications for them for early relief. Also, excessive intake of some over-the-counter medicines can do damage to the stomach, kidneys, and liver.


2) If you have severe headaches or accompanying symptoms that are disrupting your routine activities, it might be a good idea to seek the help of a brain specialist. Consider visiting a neurologist if headache :


  • Persist for more than a day or two 
  • Sudden onset
  • Worsening of headache by straining such as sneezing, coughing.
  • Start early in the morning
  • Associated with visual disturbances such as blurring or reduced vision.
  • Associated with seizures or neurological deficit.

Why I should consult a spine specialist for low back pain?


Most cases of low back pain get relief on medical management.  Consultation with a Spine specialist helps us to find out the root cause of pain. Spine specialists evaluate clinically if needed with imaging of the spine. Then only he suggests the best available individualized treatment from available therapeutic resources such as medicine,  guided exercises, local injections, or surgery.  Clinical and Imaging correlation by an expert is one of the most important factors for getting relief from back pain.   


You must consult a spine specialist on an emergent basis  if you are having the following issues:

  • New-onset bladder or bowel disturbance, perianal numbness,  weakness of lower limb
  • Possibility of vertebral infection New onset of fever and history of intravenous drug use, spinal procedure, immunosuppression
  • History of cancer  e.g., breast, lung, prostate; possibility of metastatic disease
  • Possibility of  vertebral fracture if associated  history of osteoporosis, systemic steroid use, trauma, older age (more than 65 years of age) 
  • Persistent symptoms (more than 12 weeks), age at onset is less than 45 years, inflammatory features i.e. insidious onset, no improvement with rest, pain at night and/or early morning that improves with exercise or activity.

Why one should trust CuroMe?

CuroME is the brainchild of NIMHANS alumni and is run by experts in the field with around 8 years of experience. CuroMe aims to simplify consultation with brain and spine specialists by guiding those seeking help to consult nearby specialist doctors.


Why we are different from established platforms?

Our mission is to provide quality and informative medical consulting to neurological patients. We aim to be a guiding platform; not just an appointment booking platform to help patients or their relatives make an informed decision as time has significant value in treatment outcomes in patients suffering from brain and spine diseases.